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Things to decide before planning your wedding

Congratulations! There is nothing more exciting than the buzz of just being asked those 4 crazy words ‘will you marry me?’ Once you accept there may be a million and one things racing through your mind, but where do you even start? Check out this blog post from Corinne Robertson, proposée and wife to be.

"Good luck but most of all enjoy the planning process!"

While your mind is spinning with all the amazing possibilities of what your wedding day could be – should we have the horse drawn carriage or is that too much? Will I have the ball gown or a mermaid? Do you think we can pull off a royal-esque wedding? However before you get down to the nitty-gritty of the wedding planning, these are the 5 things I think are most important for you and your partner to finalise and discuss before you even start approaching venues or anything!

1)      Budget

Yes, boring dream killer I know (bye bye wall of flowers like Kim K). But this is really important for you and your partner to discuss. What do you want to spend on your day? What can you afford at the moment? How much will you need to save? Are family members willing to contribute? Once you have your total budget put together a list of all things you need and prioritise. In reality your venue and food will take up the bulk of your budget. Then decide what is next. Is it your dress or photographer? Organise everything in importance to you both as a couple. Also keep a wedding wish list, you never know you might save more than you thought or someone might give you money as a gift.

2)      What is important to you as a couple?

Sit down and discuss what is a must have for each of you. The best way to go about this is each make a list and compare. What are the must haves? A church wedding? A local venue so grandma can get home easily? Once these have been decided stick to them! Then there will be things you will have to compromise on, so begins the wedding planning process.

3)      Draft your first guest list

Another toughie but it has to be done. I know you want to invite everyone you know to celebrate your big day with you, however the more people there are the more the venue and food bill will cost. This then leaves you less for your other must-haves you detailed in your budget. Knowing your estimated day guest and night guest count is crucial for venue hunting. Remember not everyone you invite will be able to make it or you might not stay in touch with some people if you are planning your wedding over a year or so (harsh, I know – sorry.)

4)      What’s your style?

This is the creative bit! What do you want your wedding to look like? Vintage, rustic, classic, modern… So many options. By deciding your wedding style this will help you decide décor and small details nearer the end of the process. But by having the idea in your head of the look and feel you can start planning.  There are great online tools like Pinterest which allow you to make online mood boards and collect things you have seen and love. Prefer the traditional mood board, go for it! Collect magazine clippings, material swatches and place it somewhere you can see everyday. If you go off it after a few days you know it isn’t right.

5)      Choose 2 or 3 possible dates

Be safe and choose a few dates for the wedding, your ideal date might not be available at your dream venue. Think about what time of the year you would like to have your wedding in, the weather can’t be relayed on but what would you prefer? Keep in mind your work schedules, school holidays, key family event dates etc. Then list your 3 ideal dates in order of preference so you have this ready when you start venue hunting. 

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