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Mr & Mrs Furie

The Erskine Bridge Hotel & Spa were the lucky venue chosen by Mr & Mrs Furie to celebrate their big day. We've asked them what made their wedding day so special.

"I don’t think we could rate the Erskine Bridge Hotel any higher; they went above and beyond and you really cannot ask for any more than that."

How did you meet?

We met in a poky little pub in the town we both lived in. We were both regulars but for some reason we had never met before. By some twist of fate, Jim stole my seat and rather than graciously allow him to keep it, I told him off. He responded by offering me his knee and the rest is history.


Who popped the question and how?

After having our son, Jaxon, we had talked about marriage, and making our family official. Jim had joked about proposing on some exotic island, sunshine and popping a ring in a coconut. Very fanciful! Not long after this, we were on holiday in Lanzarote when Jim made me walk in the blistering heat to a little cocktail bar overlooking the bay. I was moaning, loudly, so much so I didn’t notice his hands shaking when he handed me my cocktail glass… a ceramic coconut. Only when I reached the bottom and stopped moaning did I see a beautiful diamond solitaire. No words were necessary; we both shed a tear as Jim popped a Pina Collada flavoured ring on my finger!


What tools did you use to research your big day?

We used wedding forums a lot. There’s a lot of real life brides on wedding groups and being able to see what everyone else is up to and what vendors are advertising, as well as seeing brides ask questions about things you hadn’t even considered (Chair covers! Cheese carts! Entertainment! Groom gifts!), really made us look at our day in detail. Thankfully, our emails with the hotel answered every question we had so no aspect of the day remained unknown.
Also, it wasn’t unknown for me to be googling into the early hours the absolutely ridiculous questions that occurred to me!


What made your venue so special?

A couple of things really stood out and that was first and foremost, the amazingly friendly atmosphere. We were made to feel so welcome, and never at any point did we feel like connect-the-dot bride and groom. We were made to feel like our day mattered, not just to us, but to the staff in the venue too. That was incredibly reassuring and I don’t think we could really describe just how much that mattered to us. It made us feel at home. I think that’s priceless. 6 months later, visiting the venue, we were still made to feel welcome; the staff all stopped to say hello an remembered us and our wedding. That’s a really rare thing to encounter and very touching.
Secondly, we were able to put our own spin, our own touches on it. Anything we wanted different, tweaked, altered or changed entirely, we were able to. This made our wedding very unique to us and I think that’s a massive part of any couples day.
I don’t think we could rate the Erskine Bridge Hotel any higher; they went above and beyond and you really cannot ask for any more than that.

What was the one thing that you’ll never forget about your day?

Sarah: There was a moment, when the ceremony was over and the reception began; everyone had eaten, the music was in full swing and the guests were all enjoying themselves.. I remember standing at the doors to the main hall, seeing my friends and family mingle with Jims friends and family, seeing my baby boy dancing his little feet off, and my Mum and Dad on the dance floor. I spotted my new husband across the room, with the biggest smile on his face. I had the most perfect feeling of happiness. I’ll never forget that.

Jim: Standing at the aisle waiting on Sarah, I watched her walk down on her Dad’s arm. I’ll never forget the look on her face; excitement, terror and nerves! Or the moment the nervous tension was broken as my two friends acted as impromptu lollipop men (the job Sarah was in when I met her), with the lollipop poles I’d sneaked about for weeks to make. The smile on her face and the disbelief (along with the relief that she finally knew what I’d been up to those few weeks!), will stay with me forever.

What is your advice for future brides and grooms?

Sarah: I would say, start planning ahead. Don’t leave it all last minute; it’s easy to think you have a ton of time but suppliers, vendors and venues book out sometimes years in advance. If you know you want a certain date or venue, book it as soon as possible. It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg, what comes first! Start with a venue, then a photographer (and take the effort to study their work; when all you have left over is memories, you really do cherish the photographs – pay a professional, it’s worth it!), research the dress you want or get it made for you (I highly recommend this!), then plan the rest (theme, food, entertainment, favours and finishing touches). Something that helped me was writing out a timeline of the day – this put it in black and white and allowed me to “fill in the blanks” for the times where I was unsure of what the plan was.
That being said; the day passes so quickly you rarely get a moment to stop and breathe. Delegate as much as possible to others; you don’t need anything extra to worry about! Probably the biggest piece of advice would be; stop, relax, and try to enjoy every single moment! Don’t stress the small stuff. Take time for you on the morning of the wedding; eat breakfast (you’ll need it!), have a glass of bubbly, take a minute away from all the excitement and rushing about, and just enjoy the moment.

Jim: Plan your wedding together. Make sure you both discuss things and consult each other, it’s easy to think as the man it’s your role to just sit back and let the bride do the planning, at least that’s what I thought! But having input and planning the day together, made it all the more special to us both. I’m glad I was talked into planning it too! I would also say, try to have a surprise or special touch just from you to the bride – it shows you care, and didn’t just turn up for the vows!
Also, don’t drink a full bottle of rum. You may have to leave your wedding reception early! 

What local suppliers would you recommend?

Dress: Isobel Drysdale - A Scottish Touch
(www.facebook.com/AScottishTouch / www.ascottishtouch.com )
An absolutely fantastic lady who will design and create your dream dress at an amazing price. I can’t praise her high enough – I wouldn’t have had the dress of my dreams if it weren’t for her.

Photographers: Christine and Rory Quinn.
(chrissie_red@hotmail.co.uk )
An amazing husband and wife duo, and the two nicest people you could ever meet. Down to earth, incredibly friendly, and amazing photographers.

Band: Drums N Roses
(www.facebook.com/drumsnroses )
Scottish drum band with modern covers. Our guests loved it!

Piper: Piper Dan
(www.facebook.com/danielsweeney74 )
Fantastic down to earth piper, beautiful selection of music, perfect for the walk down the aisle and all round gentleman!

DJ: Resident DJ – Willie Davidson
This man took our musical wishes and ran with it – an absolute pleasure and kept the crowd (and us!) very happy. His mood lighting was also gorgeous and really made a difference.

Cheesecart: PJ Allison Sweets & Treats
(www.facebook.com/pjallisonsweets )
This cheesecart was absolutely to die for (so much so, we’re looking for an excuse to book it again!). They also do sweetie carts, ferris wheels, favours etc.


For all enquiries or to book your show round,

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